In 1210, Minerve was taken by Simon de Montfort. It was the first time "heretics" were burned at stake. Nine centuries later, this event still shapes this location. It is this specificity that struck Marc STREICHEN a French-american visual artist who lives now in the area of Toulouse : 

It's in your bones, in your stones
It's in the air, it's everywhere
That's why he created for the artistic event "Les Grands Chemins en Minervois", an installation which revistis this struggle between the Cathars and the Catholic inquisition in transposing it into a current context. Marc STREICHEN used a kilometer of transparent wrapping film a few microns thick to realize a monumental Occitan cross - the challenged Cathar symbol - over 15 meters in diameter trapped in a black hollow cube - the Catholic fundamentalism of the time
Work of contrasts, each element is alternately strong and weak, tapered and massive, aggressive and evanescent, modern (futuristic) and ancient. 
This work spreads its message of tolerance in these times of rising intolerance, fundamentalism: The cube can not prevent the cross to expand but the cross can not be released. 
This work will be visible from late June to early September 2014 in the gorges of the Cesse at the foot of Minerve (Hérault) in the south of France.