Title : Where' you goin' (who are we following) ?
175 x 90cm (approx.) "Green" pigments, binding agent and paint with some gouache
Often I paint and let images come by themselves. Even if the major artist act is to decide when to stop, nothing comes by chance. This one came pretty obvious. All I could see was a crowd marching away. Every person following the one in front of them. where are they going ? Are they really seeing where they are going ? 
Isn't this what happens to us all ?
As I knew this painting was going to the United States, I can't deny the religious thoughts I had while painting. God save America. And not the rest of the world ? Religious people could see Moses parting the red sea. Why not ? Even for the most relegious ones, is the everyday answer to the question where are you going so clear ? How can it be ?